Going Vegan Helped This Woman Recover from an Eating Disorder

My partner and I decided to go vegan after watching Cowspiracy almost two years ago. We didn’t do it overnight though. It was a gradual change in lifestyle.

I was recovering from an eating disorder and I found I could no longer eat the diet that I was eating when I was sick, which consisted heavily of meat and dairy. Anyone who has battled with an eating disorder knows that it’s really difficult to repair, even years into your recovery, the bad relationship you’ve developed with food, and that’s what I was going through at the time.


It’s funny because I often hear people saying how veganism is “extreme” and “restrictive,’’ but for me it was the opposite. Veganism was how I found I could love food again and love what I eat not only because it is good for me, but because it is good for everyone and for the planet we live in.

I created an account on Instagram where I share a bit of my life and the food that I eat, and it’s been a very positive and enriching experience connecting with other vegans around the world. I often see posts in my feed about the many lives vegans are saving and I can’t help thinking how veganism saved me as well. Caring for others is one of the best ways to care for yourself too.

The most important advice I would give anyone thinking about going vegan would be to do it in your own time. For most of us, it is a big lifestyle change and you may need some time to adapt. Read a lot about it, watch the documentaries out there (Earthlings, Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy), but remember that this should be a positive experience too, so focus on the good more than on the bad.


Be prepared to cook more, and enjoy a closer connection with your food (you will soon discover how cheap and delicious vegan food can be!) Follow people on Instagram or other social media to get inspiration for recipes, and go hunting for vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants where you live.

And if you’re worried about nutrient deficiency (not that you need to be because you’ll probably be eating a healthier diet than you were before) you can always take vitamin supplements just to be sure. But know that plants have loads of protein and calcium and vitamins and minerals (though it might be a good idea to take B12 supplements, which is something we all should be doing anyway).

I can’t stress enough just how positive an experience going vegan was for me. It changed my life for the better and I honestly can’t recommend it enough.


Written by Luiza Provedel

Image Source: Luiza Provedel


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