8 Questions With the Founders of Tanya-B Yoga Clothing

anna and tanya-bIf you want to transform yourself and be inspired every day, do yoga. That’s what best friends and business partners, Tanya Boulton and Anna Chung say anyway and I think they may have a point. One minute of warrior and thirty seconds of down dog is enough to tell me that yoga makes you feel good. Between the soothing stretching and deep inhales and exhales, I feel instantly calm and light. Honestly, you have to try it!

It was a yoga class back in 2012 that acquainted Boulton and Chung and only a matter of months later, Tanya-b, a yoga fitness apparel line, was born. I’m here with the two founders, Tanya and Anna, to talk about yoga, their favorite poses, Tanya-b yoga clothing, and their amazing charity work.


What’s the best thing about yoga?

Tanya & Anna: Yoga is a practice of creating higher consciousness and getting to know yourself at a deep level, at your core being. It’s the most beautiful way to cultivate a compassionate and loving relationship with yourself.

How has practicing yoga changed your life?

Tanya: It’s saved my life – enough said.

Anna: The practice has given me so much courage to pursue my dreams and help me heal.

open tie back top and colored leggingsWhat’s your favorite yoga pose?

Tanya: Pigeon.

Anna: Headstand.

For someone who doesn’t have much time, which poses would you recommend they do that are the most effective?

Tanya & Anna: Laying down spinal twist, happy baby, down dog, and pigeon.

Why did you decide to create Tanya-B, your yoga fitness apparel line?

Tanya & Anna: The yoga world needed a brand that’s authentic and real. It also needed a product that feels good and works both on and off the mat.

How will people feel wearing your apparel?

Tanya & Anna: Amazing, feminine, confident, and strong. It’s a special brand that has been developed with a lot of love and care.

Do you have a favorite piece from the line?

Tanya & Anna: Tie-Dye Halter and Open Tie- Back Top with our favorite color of leggings (It’s more an outfit).

Have you got any new projects coming up?

Tanya & Anna: OM THIS WAY with Darryl DMC McDaniels this summer at Equinox in NYC on July 20th. It’s a yoga class/concert to support the FELIX Organization, a charity that supports foster care kids. We are so passionate about FELIX and giving back.

Visit the Tanya-B website for more information.


Image Source: Phillip Van Nostrand

Written by Lauren Kearney

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